Do you want your lab up quickly and efficiently? We aren’t just fast; we are dedicated to an efficient process that ensures you will be performing lab services efficiently from day one. You will be set up and provided with all the tools you need to run a state-of-the-art CLIA certified laboratory. If you have an existing physician practice, DASH Lab Services will help you recapture lost lab revenue currently being lost to third-party labs.

Our Toxicology Lab Consulting & Management Program Includes:

  • On-demand toxicology and technical support
  • Exceptional turn around times for providers

  • Complete control over your samples and testing program

  • Risk stratification and utilization program support

Data Review

This is arguably the most critical thing your lab will be doing once it is validated and compliant. The importance of releasing reliable patient results is vital for everyone involved – the patient, the laboratory, and/or anyone making decisions based on this data.

Releasing false positives or letting false negatives slip through the cracks can be impactful for the lab’s integrity. DASH Lab Services Toxicology Lab Consulting & Management offers data review services remotely which can ensure that your results are released accurately and on time.

Documentation and
Report Writing

Once validation is complete, there are various documents that you will need to have on-hand when an audit is conducted. Along with this, you’ll need numerous forms for general laboratory conduct and documentation on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Many of these items will need to be submitted to the governing body of your clinical lab for compliance. Our Toxicology Lab Consulting & Management can help you make this process smooth and seamless so that you never run into trouble when inspections occur.

LC/MS Training

and General Laboratory Staff Training

Mastery of the LC/MS instrumentation takes months and even years to conquer. Our staff is equipped with decades of combined experience and has been doing clinical lab work with LC/MS systems non-stop. This is all done onsite so that your staff is comfortable with their instrumentation and laboratory equipment.

Are you in need of laboratory staff? We also have many options nationwide for available laboratory professionals. Contact us for more details.