This is arguably the most important thing your lab will be doing once it is validated and compliant. The importance of releasing reliable patient results is vital for everyone involved – the patient, the laboratory, and/or anyone making decisions based on this data.

Releasing false positives or letting false negatives slip through the cracks can be impactful for the integrity of the lab. DASH Lab Services offers data review services remotely which can ensure that your results are released accurately and on-time.

Once validation is complete, there are various documents that you will need to have on-hand when an audit is conducted. Along with
this, you’ll need numerous forms for general laboratory conduct and documentation on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Many of these items will need to be submitted to the governing body of your clinical lab for compliance. We can help you make this process smooth and seamless so that you never run in to trouble when inspections occur.

Mastery of the LC/MS instrumentation takes months and even years to conquer. Our staff is equipped with decades of combined experience and has been doing clinical lab work with LC/MS systems non-stop. Agilent, Sciex, Waters, and Shimadzu systems are our specialty and we encompass all of their software in addition to troubleshooting. This is all done on-site so that your staff is comfortable with their own
instrumentation and laboratory equipment.

Are you in need of laboratory staff? We also have many options nationwide for available laboratory professionals. Contact us for more details.

With years of analytical chemistry experience under our belts, our team has extensive experience with method development in a variety of arenas – including toxicology, pharmaceutical, large/small molecule, and R&D.

We have the knowledge to build nearly any panel of compounds and ensure that all of the analytes you desire have superior chromatography, separation, resolution, sensitivity, and robustness over time.

Let us help you prepare for an upcoming CLIA/COLA inspection by going over everything in your laboratory. Our highly experienced team can help find trouble areas that you can improve upon or resolve before an inspector is on-site.

Every six months a clinical laboratory is required to perform proficiency testing. We can assist with this if you need the process expedited and completed accurately. Our portfolio of customers cover a wide range of analytes, so if your list of compounds contains a few rare analytes, no need to worry.

Every piece of your data stems from this one preparatory step. With every lab having a large list of analytes, this part of the process is tedious, time consuming, and can be expensive. Let our team create your custom stock solution so that your standards and QC’s are accurate every batch. You shouldn’t have to worry about the integrity of your data based on a minor prep error, that ends up costing you time and money.

Are you unsure of the steps that are required to officially get your lab up and running? We also specialize in performing clinical validations on LC/MS systems so that you are compliant with CLIA/COLA/CAP within your particular state. We have successfully set up over 50 labs across the country, and all of those labs have passed inspections.

Do you have a need for an LC/MS analytical method to determine levels of vitamins, hormones or steroids in urine, whole blood, or serum? We can help make this a reality for your laboratory.

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