LCMS Implementation and Consultant with Method Development

DASH Lab Services has a team of LCMS Implementation and Consultants.  You benefit from our extensive experience.

  • Experts in the top LCMS platforms.

  • Enjoy up to 30% reduction in consumable costs.

  • Methods as short as six minutes with 65+ compounds.

Our LCMS Implementation team and Consultants pride themselves on quality work performed in industry-leading timelines, often completing validations in as little as four weeks. Our skilled technical team can help you select the right instrument for your lab. DASH’s experts can optimize accurate methods on almost any device.

Method Development

With years of analytical chemistry experience under our belts, our team has extensive experience with method development in various arenas – including toxicology, pharmaceutical, large/small molecule, and R&D.

We have the knowledge to build nearly any panel of compounds and ensure that all of the analytes you desire have superior chromatography, separation, resolution, sensitivity, and robustness over time.


Are you unsure of the steps that are required to get your lab up and running officially? We also specialize in performing clinical validations on LC/MS systems to be compliant with CLIA/COLA/CAP within your particular state. We have successfully set up over 50 labs across the country, and all of those labs have passed inspections.

Get the Support You Need

We are a full-service clinical lab consulting and management team including LCMS Implementation and Consultants who are passionate about helping lab startups get off the ground efficiently and successfully. We provide an array of services to simplify the process, giving you all the help you need, regardless of where you are in the process. Reach out to us today to learn more.