Substance Abuse Lab Consulting

Substance Abuse treatments require an understanding of the need and importance of a personalized treatment plan. Having the capability to perform laboratory tests in-house provides faster testing with more accurate results. Along with these benefits is the added advantage of an additional income stream. Rather than pass that on to a third party, reclaim that revenue.

Our test menu can be customized based on medical necessity and the patients you serve. Detailed reporting shows the most clinically relevant information necessary to make informed decisions for your patient. Accuracy in results ensures that proper communication and individualized treatment plans promote healthy recovery for each patient.

Hospital Lab Consulting

Healthcare systems and their hospital members are significant users of lab services. They also are responsible for managing patient’s health on a much larger scale than smaller facilities. This requires more monitoring of prescription drug compliance and intake. Drugs that are typically misused may create problems if not adequately monitored.

Our high sensitivity toxicology testing allows your facility and patient caregivers to be informed and diligent in monitoring the most abused prescription drugs. Our equipment and the analysis will provide clinicians with the most clinically relevant reports to make informed decisions for each patient and take the guesswork out of prescribing.

Pain Management Consultant

Pain management is an essential segment of a patient’s well-being. More and more clinicians are being asked to address the pain element of healthcare. If you specialize in pain management, you are constantly tracking and monitoring the results of this management. Our team of experts is experienced in consulting, building, training, and managing your personalized pain management laboratory.

LC-MS/MS technology, which is high sensitivity testing, does more than tell you whether a patient is taking a particular drug. This detailed testing method allows you to monitor and guide decisions about medication therapy, discover if samples were altered after collection, identify recent use of prescription medications or illicit drugs, and the presence of other co-administered drugs.

DASH Lab Services’ extensive test menu and thorough reports provide the data needed to make informed decisions regarding the patient. We are pain management consultants that you can count on during the entire pain management process.

Reference Lab Consulting

DASH Lab Services is a full-service Reference Lab Consultant. Do you want to expand your current laboratory testing menu, or have you decided to leap into building a reference lab from scratch? We will help you through the entire process. Our team has done this. We have all the tools to help you through designing, building, and certifying your lab.

Our Reference Lab Consulting Services:

We are ready to start your project today and have you ready to run samples in as little as 45 days.