As CLIA/COLA Consultants, DASH Lab Services provides peace of mind for your laboratory certification and inspection due to our years of experience and knowledge about running a lab. We are leaders in compliance with the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments of 1988 (also known as CLIA).

The DASH Lab Services CLIA/COLA Consultants Success Rate

When you use our CLIA/COLA Consultants program, our quality managers will ensure your laboratory certification and inspections will succeed. DASH Lab Services instills and installs a program to safeguard your compliance from the beginning of the lab setup process.


COLA Inc. is an independent accreditor whose practical, educational standards positively and immediately impact patient care. DASH Lab Services is knowledgeable in how to achieve accreditation with them for laboratory quality and compliance. Using our CLIA/COLA Consultants, who understand all facets of the regulations and can prepare you for the onsite inspection by a licensed CLIA agent, we provide confidence in compliance success.

Compliance involves knowing regulations that could take you thousands of person-hours to read and learn. There’s so much to know. Even then, the possibility of making mistakes exists. The DASH Lab Services CLIA/COLA Consultants provide an established program and process for your lab and its management. We did the background work for you. Your lab will have successful inspections when you use our service.

Documentation and Report Writing

Once validation is complete, there are various documents that you will need to have on-hand when an audit is conducted. Along with this, you’ll need numerous forms for general laboratory conduct and documentation on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Many of these items will need to be submitted to the governing body of your clinical lab for compliance. We can help you make this process smooth and seamless to never run into trouble when inspections occur.

Correlation/Proficiency Testing

Every six months, a clinical laboratory is required to perform proficiency testing. We can assist with this if you need the process expedited and completed accurately. Our customers’ portfolio covers a wide range of analytes, so if your list of compounds contains a few rare analytes, no need to worry.

Mock Inspections

Let us help you prepare for an upcoming CLIA/COLA inspection by going over everything in your laboratory. Our highly experienced team can help find trouble areas that you can improve upon or resolve before an inspector is onsite.